Video Transfer Services

video cassetes stacked on top of each other.
video and cassete tapes stacked together
A cd, cloud, memory stick, and solid state drive representing different types of storage devices.

Have videotapes stored in your attic or basement? Those precious memories are fading away!

Under the bed. In the attic. Out in the garage. Somewhere there’s a box of videotapes you’re hoping to treasure forever, but they’re fading fast. These priceless video moments are disappearing quickly–victims of heat, humidity, and time itself. Preserving and enjoying these memories without fear of loss is easy with Summit Video Services. We convert older videotapes into crystal clear digital formats, so you can enjoy your treasured family videos for generations to come.

Unsure what type or types of tape you have? Don't worry. We can transfer all video formats including VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm/Hi8, and MiniDV. We even transfer broadcast tapes such as 3/4" U-Matic, Betacam SP, and open reel formats including EIAJ, 1" Type-C, and others.

Your videos can be transferred directly to DVD complete with custom menus, titles, and chapters. All your discs can be organized and cased together in one wallet album, a great space consolidation of your entire video collection that you can place on a shelf.

Want to edit your videos after they've been transferred? Prefer to view your videos on your mobile devices or share them online? We can also convert your tapes into digital files (such as .mp4, .mov, and .avi). Once digitized, we can copy your videos to flash drives, portable hard drives, or let us help you store your media in the cloud for online sharing with friends and family.

What a fine job you did in transferring our video to DVD. We watched the DVD and have mailed off the copies you made to our family in Germany, Ireland, and throughout the United States. We have put our copy in a safe place for our future viewing. Thank you for dropping the discs off at our home. That was beyond expectations. You will be highly recommended to all we know. Thanks again!
— Rick M. (Lee's Summit, MO)