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Client Testimonials

My wife and I would like to thank you very, very much for doing such a professional job on the transfer. We will definitely bring more business in your direction in the very near future. Whenever one does business over the internet, one takes a chance of choosing the correct vendor to do the deed. I have to say, I feel I have made the right choice. I just have that “warm fuzzy feeling” about you and the company you represent.
— Bob A. (Hampton, IA – Film Transfer)
We had the best experience working with Chad on our recent video production. From his terrific voice-over direction all the way to an amazing finished product, it was a professional, easy, and fun experience.
— Kristi H (Kansas City, MO – Corporate Video Production)
Summit Video Services was so helpful and attentive to what our company wanted...a great studio and great staff. If you need a video produced for business or personal reasons, you need to meet with Chad. You will be very pleased with the results!
— Kerri A. (Blue Springs, MO – Corporate Video Production)
Thank you so much. You are allowing me to enrich my brother’s experience for the precious short time he has left with us!
— Tom H. (Overland Park, KS – Film Transfer)
I had VHS home movies transferred to DVD for my mom, brother, and sister for Christmas. I was told it was the best Christmas present I could have given them. There were many memories on those VHS tapes and no one has VHS players anymore, so we couldn’t watch them. Thanks to Chad, we can enjoy our childhood. He did an excellent job and I’m now having him transfer 35mm slides of my grandfather’s to DVD.
— Dondi B. (Independence, MO - Video Transfer)