Audio Transfer Services

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Feeling nostalgic? revitalize those old audio recordings: records, cassettes, reel-to-reel, microcassettes, 8-track, and more

Audio recordings became popular in the days of phonograph records around the turn of the 20th Century. The ability to play back a live recorded performance must've been magical in those days. For us, being able to restore these old recordings so you can hear the lost voices of days past is an extremely satisfying experience.

As awesome as records and tapes were in their day, they weren't built to last. Not only are they unstable and prone to breakage, but finding a device to play these mediums has become increasingly difficult. 

Summit Video Services can transfer all these legacy audio formats (and more): cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, records (78 RPM and 45 RPM), LPs (33 1/3 RPM), microcassettes, 8-track tapes, wire recordings, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), and MiniDiscs.

Your recordings can be transferred to audio CD, complete with separate tracks for each song or audio segment. All your discs can be organized and cased together in one wallet album, a great space consolidation of your entire audio collection that you can place on a shelf.

Want to edit your recordings after they've been transferred? Prefer to listen to them on your phone, tablet, or share them online? We can also convert these recordings into digital files (such as .mp3 for iTunes). Once digitized, we can copy your recordings to flash drives, portable hard drives, or let us help you store your media in the cloud for online sharing with friends and family.

We recently had you convert a 7” reel-to-reel tape of my mother singing two songs to a CD. I’m not sure when she recorded them, but it was a long time ago. She is now 91 and has been in a nursing home for 7 years. We played the CD for her and she seemed to recognize herself. It made her happy, too, which made us happy! I’m so glad we did this.
— Liz C. (Lee's Summit, MO)