About Summit Video Services

the summit video services team taking a picture of the viewer
the summit video services team posing on a staircase

Top-quality video & editing services are not the only things that set Summit Video Services apart. The SVS Team operates in a collaborative, family-like atmosphere. The success story of Summit Video Services is a microcosm of the American Dream. Owner Chad Godfrey started the business out of his home in 2004. Those humble beginnings are woven into the fabric of the business, as the staff is as professional, polite, and courteous as one can find.

Summit Video’s growth is a direct result of the passion, hard-work, and dedication that Chad exhibited in growing the business. Summit Video has quickly become a local favorite in and around Kansas City.

Today, Summit Video Services operates in a state-of-the-art studio and produces the best video services, yet still possesses the charm and personable atmosphere upon which it was founded.


Chad godfrey, owner

As a young child, Chad was constantly infatuated with audio recorders, film cameras, and early personal computers. He aspires to be an accomplished drone pilot, but admits he may have wrecked his drone a time or two (out of 100s of sorties, mind you).

Chad has been an entrepreneur for the last 14 years and is a nationally-awarded video producer with recognitions in the areas of video production, editing, photography/design, documentary, motion graphics, and sound design.

Chad is a board member of Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street, Lee's Summit Ministerial Alliance, and is a contributing member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Chad’s wife, Suzie, is a second-grade teacher at Richardson Elementary and their three children are students in the Lee’s Summit schools. 


keegun selley: videographer & editor

A graduate of Lee’s Summit North High School (Go Broncos!) and Summit Technology Academy, Keegun is the lead videographer, editor, and resident Photoshop Wizard at Summit Video Services. Keegun is also a student at Avila University studying Film and Digital Media with a minor in Business, though he freely admits his greatest learning has all come directly from Chad. When he’s not shooting photos or video for a project, Keegun enjoys eating at Main Slice, cruising in his Jeep, and surfing the California and Florida coastlines. 

Keegun is NOT Chad’s son, so don’t ask. 


Jerry Manan: audio/video technician

Jerry is in charge of all audio and video transfers at Summit Video Services. No A/V format slips by this guy. He's always ready to tackle it and then sit back down in an easy chair with his feet up watching humorous videos on YouTube (at least while Chad's not around). Jerry is a graduate of Piper High School in Kansas City, KS and is a student at Avila University studying Acting and Film and Digital Media. His vast knowledge of Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino's films and Martin Scorsese's eyebrows leaves little else to be discussed around the studio.

It should be noted that this photo and video of Jerry are simply for show. No (important) videotapes were maimed or injured for this scene. Jerry will not throw or drop-kick your personal video collection. 


frank cutrera: FILM TECHNICIAN

Handling millions of feet of 8mm, Super8, and 16mm home movies of yesteryear is Frank’s daily gig at the studio. He lives and breathes film transfer (including that awful vinegar smell when the film is gradually deteriorating). Currently a senior at Lee’s Summit West High School (Go Titans!), Frank plans to attend KU next year majoring in Computer Science.

It’s no surprise that Frank loves video games (shocker, right?). Much of his private life is spent playing Counter-Strike, battling acts of terror, diffusing bombs, and rescuing hostages. Impressive, right?

When he’s not transferring film or engaged in first-person shooter games, you’ll find Frank dropping $7.57 at your local McDonald’s plowing through a large 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal with buffalo sauce.

headshot of Jake O'Bryan

maddie godfrey: slide aficionado & actual relative of chad's

Maddie Godfrey is our newest staff member at SVS. Unlike Keegun, Maddie is an actual child of Chad's. At the studio, Maddie works the "overflow" (wherever help is needed) but typically spends her time scanning 35mm slides or 8mm film. 

Maddie is a student at Lee's Summit North High School (Go Broncos!) and spends her leisure time reading books by John Green, writing her own epic novels, and anguishing over Advanced Geometry.